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The name Lucifer has been used by scholars and common people alike to be synonymous with Satan the devil who is responsible for our bad behavior. This is not an exegetical Biblical interpretation.

The only reference to Lucifer is in Is. 14:12 described: “A translation of helel applied to the king of Babylon by Isaiah, referring to his pomp and majesty.” by Analytical Concordance (1879).

The word or proper noun ‘Lucifer’ was used only once in the 66 books of the bible and was followed by the complimentary words, ‘son of the morning’. Further reading, ‘thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven’ which refers to the king’s ego. The purpose of Isaiah’s passage was to demonstrate a common religious belief that God giveth and God taketh away. Or also thought to be that God can build us up and we can foolishly tear down His blessings with ego and deceiving ourselves that we have power, which was the case with Nebuchadrezzar. As it is stated later in the book of Daniel 4:31: after the king of Babylon conquers the world is then sent off to the wilderness for seven years to learn humility.

To admire the foretold prophesies of Isaiah is not foolish because history has verified this and more of his predictions. The religious interpretation of the devil, however, has to be questioned, if this meany’s origins are to the king of Babylon by Isaiah. Many mean kings have lived in history and probably more will come. This isn’t the devil. This is human nature.

Alternately, with obscure reasoning we might say that the need for self promotion and self empowerment is a desire that comes from a darkness within which could only be described as demonic (of the devil).

But, I contend that there is no devil. We cannot use the excuse for our bad behavior, “the devil made me do it”. This again was the use of power of religious leaders to gain following from the masses when answers about life were more difficult to come by. Leaders felt the need to have a quick answer for every aspect of the layman’s life to keep the layman loyal. Some ideas stuck. This concept that ‘Lucifer is Satan, and Satan is the devil that we must fear, and we can only be protected by the clergy,’ has been a very lucrative idea.

After 2700 years, since Isaiah’s passage, there is still no concrete evidence of a devil. Please help me with the evidence if you can find it.

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