Bible Tales and Art

Hell or No Hell???

   Our Eternal Future It’s of great interest to almost everyone — what becomes of us upon our death? There are many interpretations from Biblical Stories and other believable ancient media regarding an afterlife, but no particular story that can bring everybody together to a common agreement — that is – what becomes of us upon our death? After the

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Life After Death –

Did early claimed Christians believe in the immortality of the soul? COGwriter The vast majority in the Greco-Roman faiths of Roman Catholicism,Eastern Orthodoxism, and Protestantism believe that humans have an immortal soul. Yet, the Continuing Church of God does not. Did early Christians? What does the Bible teach? What was that the teaching of early church leaders often venerated as

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Religion as a Pastime

It is often stated, “I’m not religious but I am spiritual.” Is there a difference between ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual’? Most definitely there is a unique difference. One who is religious is not necessarily spiritual, however the implication would be that religious people are spiritual, or they would not seek alliance in an organization that teaches one aspect of spirituality. In

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