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With Paquita Olivencia, Frank Estela Figueroa Frank and Martha Ornelas.
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Tony Kulick I wonder which bathroom they used
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Tavarick Wynn HAHAHA!!!!!!
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Robert Bjork Here’s the thing folks…..God wipes out all of Humanity in a great flood except for Noah, his wife and family, so not only did the ENTIRE planet get populated bu a shit load of incest in the 1st place, it had to happen AGAIN.
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Lionel S. Balasuriya Religious zealots will always have an excuse to justify their evil in name of their uncountable different God’s. When something good happens, Oh miracle of God. If a disaster happens bigots say: God/Allah must have had a reason. How ridiculous. LOL ……See More
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Jeannie Starke When I was little, I asked my mother who Cain married. She said other people were already there. Then I knew it was a made-up story.
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Steve Drexler I know people argue Adam and Eve had daughters. I went to catholic schools for the first eight years and not once did I ever hear about them. I also have about 15 years of being the organist too… Still no daughters…..
I remember as a fifth grader sitting in a sex euphemism talk and not buying it….
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Joe Bush Science and math cannot lie
Humans.. Non stop multiple times a day..
Both books were written to hold dominion over other men
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Miguel Angel Torres-Candelaria Those two motherfuckers! (See what I did there?) Here’s how it went because I witnessed it. Cain and Abel took turns boinking their mommy. Abel went out of turn, Cain found them, killed Abel, was turned away from Adam and Eve because Adam was afraid that Cain would find out that he too took Eve out of turn and casted him out where Cain went to the land of Nod and took a wife. WAIT! WHAT?!
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Dathon A Scholtz what is hilarious is how atheists call incest here yet we have a DIVINE creator who can do all things, but as for you atheists you believe you morphed from apes haha so the first MALE and FEMALE reproduced and oh look they would have had to have incestuous relations to produce their offspring!! OH SNAP YOU GOT RICK ROLLED ATHEISTS!! hahaha keep
proving your ignorance!!
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Frances Bradley I wish people that want to say the Bible says something would first “read” the Bible and see what it actually says!!! Jeesh Adam had daughters also!!
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Steve Sterling According to “science”…pigs, chimpanzees and humans share a common (unidentifiable) ancestor.

Why does that seem more plausible than thinking humans came from humans?
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Katherine Grove How about Freethinkers United Against Ignorance?
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John Davis Think about who wrote the Bible (That is who first transcribed it) and when.. Woman were property back then, Unless they were very important like Eve, Ruth, Ester, Mary or her sister .. They did not rate mention… IN some parts of the world it is stil…See More
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Jerome Stephens The ancient biblical scholars before the common era
understood it as allegory as do present day mainstream scholars. It is a pity stat rightwing so called christians not only do not, bit insist on beating us over the head with their twisted version.
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Amber Aldridge If your going to try to insult a historical biblical text you should at LEAST… oh I don’t know… read it. Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel but then went on to have a son named Seth and the scripture tells us they had many more sons and daughters after…See More
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Terran Perro Yahweh & Allah clearly like incest. So Eve had a hundred nameless daughters, did she? And more sons, and they all screwed each
other. The Duggars of Genesis.
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April Yurcevic Shepperd The Bible doesn’t say Cain and Abel were the only children of Adam and Eve. “After becoming father to Seth, Adam lived for 800 years. And he became father to sons and daughters.” (Genesis 5:4)
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Jerome Stephens One is the age old conflict between the farmer and the herdsman. The latter often being nomads and the former settled in one place. There are contradictions, notably in Genesis 4:15, which leads into another allegory of the beginnings of civilization. …See More
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Wild Bill Jr. man wrote the bible. and it’s been re wrighten over so many times, so who’s to say. native tubes have simalur beleaves, but with no book, just faith knowing hes there looking over us, all we need to know. and be good to each other. love thats it.
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Robert Goslin My questions, if Adam and Eve had two sons, and one son killed the other one. Where is the women for him to marry and have kids with? In fact in it says that after killing his brother he went off to the city, how was there a city?
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Fernando Doldan According to Genesis, Adam and Eve had Cain, Abel, Seth, and “other sons and daughters” (Genesis 5:4). Don’t believe everything that you read, especially not in a meme.
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Gigi Jensen Explains why I take the Bible with a block of salt. Good life stuff in there. History ‘facts’ may be a bit distorted. It certainly is written from a male point of view. Why not a daughter? Still incest but Eve could have had a bit of rest from childbearing.
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Jay Davis Actually that’s not quite true about Adam and Eve . Supposedly, on the sixth day god created the “ethnos” or basically non white third
world people who were the community that the women who mated with Cain came from. They are really mentioned in gene…See More
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Bill Holmberg We learned about those two characters because they “starred” in a great story coming up. Later we learned that other children were born, but their stories weren’t as dramatic. As far as kids went, the others were just bit players.
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Elias Friedman Whomever made this meme couldn’t be bothered to spend ninety seconds reading the Wikipedia article?
Genesis 5:4…See More
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Ken DeKing As the story goes, this family, who were the first human beings on earth, went to another town to find mates to breed with. What kind of mongrels are we, bible thumpers?
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Larry Martin It’s not surprising that stories passed by word of mouth through ancient generations could be inconsistent . And it was earth shattering news that this particular culture, the one in the bible, was MONOTHEISTIC.
But there apparently, judging by histo…See More
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Timothy Byram The bible said Adam then eve but it didn’t say they were the only ones created just the first of that bloodline that’s why there’s different colors,when Cain took a bride from another tribe, a woman made from another man and woman else where. The bible speaks in parables.only they true believer that has ask and received,the wisdom and knowledge,will be able to understand it .
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Tori Coffman Just because the story is about Adam and eve doesn’t mean there weren’t other characters. Cain is banished and finds a wife, so obviously there are other people.
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Melody R. Vitullo Also, I don’t know if it’s just for the sake of art, but in most pictures, Adam & Eve are shown with belly buttons. Think about THAT! Take all the time you need!
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Bob Smith Religion is a lie perpetrated by the ruling class to control the stupid minions. The bible is their tool.
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Christopher William Schneider You christ-o-holics are free to believe whatever you need to if your mind needs that kind of crutch. Just keep that madness out of our science classes, our laws, our geo-politics, and our bedrooms.
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Spencer Harrison first children, while Genesis 5 gives Adam’s genealogy past that. Adam and Eve are listed as having three children, Cain, Abel and Seth, then “other sons and daughters”, Genesis 5:4.
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Michael Underwood Ok, so I haven’t actually gone through the 116 (at this time) comments but just to play devil’s advocate here, doesn’t the Bible say Adam and Eve were the FIRST humans? Couldn’t there have been more
created after and just not mentioned? Again, just for arguments sake.
Like · Reply · May 19 at 10:37am
Jacob J Cavanaugh If you were properly educated their is a thing called research. According to evidence dated millions upon millions of years old the very first tribe of mankind was called the ” Great Andamanese”
The bible also take certain events but does not cover all…See More
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Janette Morgan It should not be taken literally – the old testament is a history book of a race of people and there is a lot of allegory – it is the messages that should be pondered not the literal word.
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Michael Nylen And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth: And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:
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United Muslims of America NOT ONLY TWO SONS !!!
according to all Bibles and to the Quran Adam & Eve had sons and daughters after the birth of Seth !!
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Sappho Aingeal i wonder where their wives come from. inbred, that is how
it was done for many years, and still happens today, but the bible still is man made.
Like · Reply · May 20 at 12:33pm
Carolyn Messer So it says in revelation That in end times they will be blinded to the truth. Look to the east for our time does draw near
Like · Reply · May 21 at 10:34am
Rob Johnson Not actually accurate. The bible never states that Adam and ever were the ONLY humans, just that they were the first humans.
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Le Willis Except the bible doesn’t say that everyone came from two. The relevant passage goes something like, “This is the story of the tribe of
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Bryan Simms They had more than just two sons that several signs and several daughters. And their sons took their daughters his wives and population grew from there.
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Timothy Byram Believe what you’d like but scientist just want people to believe that there is no God,to raise there believe that their the most inteligent life form
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John Huggins Adam and Eve had many children and populated the earth as commanded by God. It doesn’t take long to learn this from Genesis.
Like · Reply · May 18 at 6:55pm
Keith Holland That’s not exactly what the Bible says. In Genesis, the land of Nod had many people not of the line of Adam and Eve. Cains wife probably came from these people. They may have been created after Adam but not mentioned. All Genesis really says is that Adam and eve were the first and created on the 6th day. God chilled on Sunday but might not have completely retired.
Like · Reply · May 19 at 7:21pm · Edited
Deb Hume Harrigan So which one was Black which one was Asian, which one was american Indian? I read my bible too!
Like · Reply · 17 · May 16 at 3:57am
Rick Wellman How about this, when you die and you reach the gates to heaven and St. Peter asked your name and your name is not in the book. Then you can ask, “Where did I go wrong?”
Myself I would rather believe in something that is good and maybe be wrong and have…See More
Like · Reply · May 19 at 12:15pm
Scott Carbone All I know is that me and You are all from God. Doesn’t matter if ya wanna beleive it or not. You will see someday smile emoticon.
Like · Reply · May 18 at 3:33pm
Melanie Bushee Read Genesis as it is the record of God and has the true
Biblical history of the World. All are related to Adam and Eve and the law forbiding the marriage between close relatives was not given until the time of Moses. If you are a Christian this is what you believe-if another religion then whatever. We are all God’s people and all are related. Amen!
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Shabbir Ahmed At the time of Adam (peace be upon him), marrying brother or sister from different delivery was legal but marrying brother or sister from the same delivery was forbidden. Later on the law came and marrying brother or sister made illegal.
Like · Reply · May 19 at 6:34am
Lois Noonan Keener The bible was written by a bunch of men a long time ago…
There is no truth to it… And no one can prove otherwise.
Like · Reply · May 19 at 1:58pm
Hazel Lancaster Mits For a couple who lived several hundred years it is a bit unrealistic to think that they only had two sons.
Like · Reply · May 17 at 3:41am
Raven Alburg Everyones over here arguing over the most misinformed part of the bible 😂😂😂 its actually rather simple people
Like · Reply · May 19 at 7:32am
Jadiea Muldrew No let’s make it even better. Able died before he could have children, so it’s actually one man. That is literally impossible.
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Julia Bitmead People who want to talk about what the bible says should actually read the bible first.
This is wrong.
Like · Reply · May 18 at 11:12pm
Jessica Alison Ok, I’m sorry but everyone that keeps saying that they had several sons and daughters; it’s still incest.
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