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Making a case for the validity of ancient texts and the powerful insight into human behaviour documented in the bible, this is one of many examples.

In Genesis 4, it is supposed that due to extreme jealousy and an extreme competitive nature, Cain killed his brother, Abel. This is often considered a one-off evil deed of the most vile kind, a psychological disorder, and nobody (especially me) would ever degrade to such a measure.
However, I will suggest that the Cain Scenario is alive and well in most of us and is still as active today as when the Holy Bible was written.
When we have not been acknowledged, or rewarded, or praised for our good works, or even just for our being, there is a loss of mood at least. There may even be an acting out, like in the extreme case of Cain against Abel, or just a shrinking inside oneself.
In my case, it’s always been the fleeing from the situation. You might even say, by removing myself, it was a killing of people who had achieved, when I didn’t. Now, in these times, it seems very common for people to ignore and abandon close friends and family members just for differences of opinions. It’s actually a murder when we remove people deliberately from our lives. Some times people are hurt by it, but most times people will just go on without much thought.
In the case of Cain: he offered his sacrifice to the Almighty, as did Abel, but Abel’s sacrifice was shown favour. There is no evidence from the writing that Abel gloated or boasted about the favour he was shown, but Abel was the target of Cain’s wrath. In Cain’s eyes without Abel around, the Master would have no choice but to favour Cain. As simplistic as this sounds (blaming one for the actions of another), this scenario is being played out on a regular basis in our workplace, among our friends, and in our families on a lessor scale but potentially with an equally tragic result, because emotional hurt can be devastating.
This is just human nature. We were warned about this in the book of Genesis written over 2500 years ago. It amazes me how enlightened the ancients were and how much wisdom they were unselfishly sharing with mankind. It’s no wonder the Bible is still loved and read so many years later.

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