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Hell or No Hell???

   Our Eternal Future

It’s of great interest to almost everyone — what becomes of us upon our death? There are many interpretations from Biblical Stories and other believable ancient media regarding an afterlife, but no particular story that can bring everybody together to a common agreement — that is – what becomes of us upon our death? After the death of the physical body we have known throughout our life, what happens to our spirit, our mind, our consciousness? Spiritual matters are not exact science and therefore cannot be predicted.

No one really knows. Although many have said, “but I know someone who…”, saw a ghost, saw the other side, experienced near death, yet the same are left sceptical.

Do we have to take the time to tap into our own senses for an understanding of all things?

This is entirely the point of this article. How can we grasp the eternal from a physical point of view? We have preserved thoughts in the form of written articles from millennia ago. People thought like us and reported their findings. What was different was their pace of life. People were closer to the spirit world because they depended upon the grace of a deity or at least the blessing of nature to survive. It is insightful to read and interpret their accounts.

Let me ask you this: Are we at the mercy of a God that will leave us to the perils of hell, fire and damnation just because we didn’t pass some test or another that we should have known about? I say definitely not!

Are we destined for purgatory in a wait for our loyal descendants to pray for our souls to be finally ascended into heaven? I agree with Martin Luther. NO!

Are we members of the wrong Protestant denomination, and because we don’t read the Authorized King James Version, are we committed to Hell’s fire because we have the wrong faith? NO!

Or, if we came from a part of the world where we lived our lives without availability to the ‘so-called-truth’ shall we never enjoy the eternal presence of the Almighty Saviour of all humanity? Absolutely not!!

Believe Benjamin L. Corey? conscious hell


These people were biblical heros yet fell short at some point in their life:

Abraham twice lied to people about the identity of his wife/sister Sarah, Gen. 12:13; Gen. 20:2 and nobody will condemn Abraham to Hell.
Moses was unfaithful and wasn’t allowed to see the Promised Land.

King David spilled much blood and wasn’t allowed to see the temple.

Elijah was fearful.

But contrary Jeremiah 44:27 says: Behold, I will watch over them for evil, and not for good: and all the men of Judah that are in the land of Egypt shall be consumed by the sword and by the famine, until there be an end of them.

Commonly interpreted, anyone who follows the religion of Egypt, which later became the religion of Rome, which is contrary to the Jewish worship of One God, shall perish and not continue in His presence.

How can we expect to live up to this? Most of the people on earth have been consumed by the Western Culture which was born in Egypt, ruled by the Greeks and then conquered by Caesars and continued under the disguise of the Roman church. Lew White has an extreme view in fossilized customs.

Our lives have more purpose than that. That is my guiding principle.

Some of us are just daft, others are incredibly intelligent and proud. Who wins on that account?

Let’s believe that the God who created us will not abandon us due to our naivety.

Ephesians 2:8,9 “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that, not of yourself, it is the gift of God, not of works, least any man should boast…”

This ancient writer believed in a God who is looking out for our salvation, and not a God who is counting our good and bad behaviour hoping for a way to condemn us.

We have a reason to expect a glorious eternal future.


Have you ever wondered if a loving God could banish one of his beautiful creations to a torment with fire and brimstone called HELL, because of some misdeed?

Perhaps you’ve heard that there is a tally at the end of your life which will decide whether you’ve been naughty enough to spend eternity in HELL?

Maybe you committed a crime and have never been caught but with the all-seeing-eye, there will be no way out for you?

Or perhaps, there will be no life after death at all. The moment of your death will be the END?

A strongly held Christian logic is, “if you believe in Jesus and live a Godly life, there will be no way to loose in the end, even if there turns out to be no afterlife.” Because, you see, we really don’t know what will happen after our body expires. What we do know, and it is always appropriate to teach our little ones, “if we are good and treat others nice, there is a reward for us, right here and now.”

Religion makes the teaching more complicated for two reasons that I know of:

1) Religious and political powers believe they need to control the masses by setting up a clergy class or wisdom class for the public to consult for profit providing the need for some superstition or wisdom.

2) If people aren’t afraid of a consequence, there would likely be anarchy. The USA is coming deadly close to anarchy because their Justice Department and Police agencies are being found out to be corrupted and incompetent. In the past, religion kept the masses in check fairly well through superstition and God-fearing. God and prayer are often banned in public places and the public become more spiritually dependent upon the government’s secular solutions to all things. hell

This link strongly emphasizes the Biblical teachings of an afterlife and even the teachings of eternal torment.

Is the Bible a religious book? I believe the Bible is more of an history, than a book of religious laws that are relevant or mandatory for the human existence. The Bible chronicles a people who lived through fifteen centuries of successes and failures, which is remarkable. Most cultures have had their history books altered by their conquerors. And even though the Jewish people are forever conquered, their history book remains almost in tact.

Some believe the Bible is the ‘word of God’ if not the ‘inerrant word of God’. I believe the Bible is the writings of errant men, who were much more disciplined than most people and the Bible was maintained and re-scribed by people more disciplined than myself.


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