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I intend to publish a book based on information in the book of Genesis detailing the life of Lot, the foster son of Abram and Sarai, or one might say their first child.

As the life of Lot develops, it appears that Abram and Sarai were not the best parents to this child, or perhaps a child will just become what they become regardless of the parenting influence.

This lengthy biblical story of the life of Lot is often not used as doctrinal in the religions but is rather a roadside to the mighty character of his foster father, Abram who later becomes Abraham, meaning: Father of a multitude.

My intention is to develop more significance to these ancient writings, and create a purposeful life for this forlorn character from incidents which were given low priority in the book of Genesis.

Thinking how difficult it must have been to scribe in the ancient days, it makes me believe all things that were written were considered to be extremely important. There’s no doubt, more life was happening than what actually became written down.

It’s compelling to me to understand how Lot could have been a polar opposite to the man who raised him.


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