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witch of endor


Concerning this controversy, as to whether this necromancer actually brought the Man of God back from the spirit world or not, our bible study on May 9, 2016 concluded it was not so.

In 1 Samuel 28:3 “all Israel lamented” Samuel. This would indicate that everyone knew who Samuel was, and likely who Saul, the King was and most likely what was big news at the time.
With the appearance of King Saul at her door, this witch of Endor, whose trade had been banned by this same King, soon recognized her visitor, and answered his request by presenting the persona of the mighty and famous prophet, Samuel.
King Saul had recently suffered a great defeat at the hands of the foretold next King, David. Seeking to destroy David because of his jealousy, he was unsuccessful. Saul’s God had refused to consult with him, leaving him without council, so he felt desperate to consult the dark spirit for advice as he was going into the battle as underdog against the Philistines.
It would not be difficult for this witch to take advantage of this weak soul and give him a bleak prediction, and pretend that this message was coming from Samuel, a man whom Saul completely revered and feared.
It is my opinion that the dark spirits do not command the spirits of light. 1 Sam. 28:15 (spoken by the voice of the witch of Endor) “And Samuel said to Saul, Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up?” as if Samuel was down and is now rising to Saul’s level. This is inconceivable to me that a servant of God would reside in reach of the dark spirits on ‘the other side’, so to speak. The witch was misleading her customer, King Saul, whom she feared. Therefore knowing that she was incapable of enchanting the spirits of light, she wisely carried out a production or deception, not wanting to displease, for fear of her life.

Consulting Jamieson Fauset Brown from the ‘References’ page will give a broader evaluation of this passage from both views.

Jamieson Fauset Brown, Sam. 28:8-14 — “On the one hand, the woman’s profession, which was forbidden by the divine law, the refusal of God to answer Saul by any divinely constituted means, the well-known age, figure, and dress of Samuel, which she could easily represent herself, or by an accomplice–his apparition being evidently at some distance, being muffled, and not actually seen by Saul, whose attitude of prostrate homage, moreover, must have prevented him distinguishing the person though he had been near, and the voice seemingly issuing out of the ground, and coming along to Saul–and the vagueness of the information, imparted much which might have been reached by natural conjecture as to the probable result of the approaching conflict–the woman’s representation–all of this has led many to think that this was a mere deception.”

I suggest, give 1 Samuel Chapter 28:8-14 in your Bible a read and judge for yourself. The Bible is real and thought provoking and always worth the time to study.

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