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.5 Deuteronomy


In this website many ideas will be presented regarding the interpretation of Bible stories that are fused into our brains. E.g. that Moses wrote the Pentateuch is a commonly believed and taught doctrine. This is a simple interpretation based on the belief that Moses was in charge during the Exodus and the 40 years in the desert. During this time he gathered the information of Creation and the names of generations of people through word of mouth associations from people who were available to him. After passing away in the middle of the fifth book, Joshua completed the work of Moses.
My belief is based on the research of various authors who believe the entire Old Testament to be written between the seventh and third centuries BCE. This work started seven hundred years after the life of Moses. It is a theory that would leave room for a completely new way to view these amazing documents that are time tested and have been life changing throughout the centuries.





The Importance of making one’s thoughts known by writing them down in order that someone might understand, is relatively new in the history of mankind. Yet for many generations now we express ourselves freely by the pen or more recently the text. It has become so normal that most written thoughts are ignored or more likely not read entirely, looking for the entire meaning in the first ten words and then moving onto the next text we see.

To be able to express oneself in this world where the onslaught of information is raining down upon us, the content isn’t as important as the presentation. Like a photograph or a piece of music, the aesthetics of the article, especially in the intro have to meet the readers level of interest.

Word Play

What is totally misunderstood in academia is the incredible interest that continues for the sixty-six books of the Bible. Why would such writings, especially the King James Version, be so attractive in an age where so much more refined writings with a far greater understanding of science and the human mind are available?

For me, the Bible contains wisdom and truth beyond modern perceptions. No, it’s not the only reading I do, but for reference, it remains my most trusted source with applicable circumstances for any situation. No, there were no cars or airplanes, or world travel, but the human solutions to problems continue to be solvable throughout the centuries in the same manner as it was recorded twenty-six hundred years ago. It’s naive to ignore the wisdom put forth in the writings of the books we call the Bible.

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